An all boy weekend

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This last weekend Oldman and J went with about 500 other guys in Missouri to a camp out called “PowWow”.  It’s with a group that is very similar to Boy Scouts.  J grew up in this program and went all the way to the end which means you get a super cool saber with a comendation from the President of the US. You have to do a lot of survival training camps, etc.  Every boys dream.

Oldman is definitely a boy’s boy; however sometimes he over-analyses fun.

Apparently he didn’t have too much problems with that this weekend! As they left to bond with complete strangers and trees, I told J “bring back my boy in one piece, breathing”!

He came back exhausted, exhilerated, and with not much of a voice.  They worked on their aim at the BB rifle range and the archery range. He conquered his fear of heights by climbing a 18 ft ladder to swing on a huge rope swing.  His team beat the socks off the other teams at paintball and rubber-band gun wars. He flicked off ticks like they were crakcer crumbs and, of course,  sacrificed a lifetime of marshmellows to the Campfire gods.

He came back with a little more confidence and a whole lotta more appreciation for momma’s cookin’!

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