Every Tom, Tick and Harry

Courtesy of Bill in Ash Vegas

Courtesy of Bill in Ash Vegas

Now I grew up part of the time in Oklahoma and part of my childhood in India. That means only one thing…

I was one tough little girl.

Throw in a little sass and a pinch of stubborn aire and voila! You’ve got a pain in the arse that thinks she’s all that.

Thankfully, time has molded that girl into a much more realistic person (Everyone says, “Amen”)

Time has also turned that girl into a pansy.

Last year, my 9yo found a tick on his head, just above his ear.  He freaked.  I told him to stop acting like a girly-boy so I could work on getting it out.

(That sounds so mean, but he was doing this weird flailing thing with his body and looked like a spaz.)

Last night it was my turn and I did not handle it as well as he did.

My back was killing me so J told me to lay across the bed and he’d rub it out (Hmmmm….I’m not going there….).  Just as he was starting he stood up and said, “Now don’t freak out but you’ve got a tick on your leg and I’m…..”

“WHAAAAAAAAAAT!!!! Where?! You’re lying!”

“Right in your leg pit. I’m sure it’s nothing so don’t….”


*Insert weird flailing of body and looking like a spaz*

I flunked OkieLife 101. Hard.

As a kid I would’ve just yanked that sucker off and squeezed it between two nails hoping to get a good ‘pop’ out of it. Now? I was dry-heaving everywhere. I had visions of psychedelic lime disease symptoms. It’s just that his head was buried so stinkin’ deep in my body!

After some serious application of fingernail polish, J was able to tweeze him out. His head was huge, but body small so thankfully he hadn’t been there long.


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  • My daughter had a tick in her head when she was little and I had no idea what to do. I was very freaked out but she (at about 3years old) thought it was cool and has kept it in a scrap book.

  • OK… YUCKA! I am totally grossed out! I showed the the kids and they are freaked! I am so sorry that you had that happen… the freak in me is so very sorry!

    To make you feel better about the “SPAZ” 2 nights ago… as I chased don a frog for Sydney (in the dark) Morgan and I were running around like freaks. Finally we trapped it with our hands….after all…it was just a frog right? As I shifted my body to catch the light from a neighbors house light… I looked under my hand…because this frog just didn’t feel slimy…. and OH MY HECK! It was a spider! I not only spazzed out…. I peed my pants… right there in front of God and everyone! Seriously… my kids were like…”I can’t believe you peed your pants” My husband looked at me with the “SERIOUSLY…PEE…?” But dude I have had 3 kids…the bladder isn’t what it used to be! TTYL

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