My flower garden

gardengrowSince I’m all about joining online shin-digs, I also joined a weekly garden meme called How Does Your Garden Grow.  Bloggers can either show pics of their garden, give tips and/or tricks, ask questions, etc.

I do a flower potted garden every year so I’ll start with a tour pic of what I’m working on this year.

If I could live in California with a yard full of nothing but succulents I would be completely happy.  But for now, I’ll settle with this guy:

I’m always switching out new annuals every year (I get bored easily!).  This year I’m playing with Black and Blue Salvia’s and Derbys.  They go great together:

I’ve always wanted to do Calla Lilly’s but just got to it this year and was surprised by a double lily:

I’m also working on a Butterfly area.  Since I’ve moved into this house I’ve had a butterfly ‘bush’ (Yes, Jen…I know…I didn’t even realize it!), but I’m adding some more flowers to them this year:

Next Thursday I hope to have some pictures of my veggie garden.  I’ve got things coming up, but wish I would’ve remembered the trick I heard recently: Plant squash, green beans and corn all together.  The green bean will trellis up the corn and the squash will act as a ground cover to keep the soil moist for all three.

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  • Angela, can you believe I’ve lost the tag to that succulent? Ugh…I’m pretty sure it’s a type of sedum, but can’t remember which one. I’m on a mission because that’s going to drive me nuts!

  • Wow that succulent is neat looking. I absolutely love flower gardening and enjoyed looking at your pretty ones! I have had to cut back on the flowers this year because of our smaller budget, so I will have to settle for looking at others! Thank you for linking up to How Does Your Garden Grow! I hope to see your veggie garden soon :)

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