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I’ve been taking part in a weekly online Bible-study where we are on a quest to say “Yes!” to God…whatever that may be. To me, it means, “Yes, God. I relinquish control to you.”

And that’s hard!

When I was pregnant with my first child I remember asking any mother I could get my hands on and interrogating them on what to expect.  (People were giving me powder AND lotion and telling me it goes on the same place…That makes oatmeal, people! They would just laugh at me and walk off.  It took trial and error to understand that one.) I was freaked out and wanted to be completely prepared.  The only thing that did was kick start my Mommy-OCD.

For me, I have discovered that M-OCD is the only way I can keep sane.

I am regimented in the boys’ schedule, meals, homework and bedtimes. Don’t get me wrong. I strongly believe in the kids being kids so free time is fun and crazy. (Hello! I’m totally immature!) But in the process of becoming more efficient over the years, it’s become a norm to control everything. Even my relationship with God.

How boring.

I believe Jesus would really like to take a hold of my heart, but I’m getting in the way.  I am seriously missing out.  I’ve been there, so I know what I’m missing. I’m not black and white by nature so not sure why I’m having such an issue with this.

But this study has been interesting.  It throws words around like “radical obedience”. Yikes!

I wasn’t sure what to expect from doing it with a group of ladies I don’t know, but I’ve actually been able to glean (yes, I used the word ‘glean’. I feel 80.) thoughts and action from these ladies.

We’re not too far into the book (and you don’t even have to have the book to do it…it’s all covered in the blog), so if you want to stick your heart out and see if it gets pricked.  C’mon and check it out.

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  • Sweet! You Rock! I am getting my ass whooped on the love thing and dealing with control…. ummm…I am not certain I will make it through. Is this one of those “This is harder on me than it is you” times…. because I am just wasted and ready to move on from here (no not the good wasted silly 😉

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