Might I have a bit of earth?

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My love of plants and flowers started at the age of 5. I had gotten my tonsils taken out and my close friend Jennifer Plowman and her dad brought me my very own plant – an African violet. I’m sure I received other gifts. I actually think my grandmother gave me a doll which was shocking in and of itself since she never gave me gifts.  But nothing mattered but that violet.

I’m sure I ended up killing it. Who knew those soft little leaves were so fragile?!

But it wasn’t until a few years later when I read The Secret Garden that I fell in love with gardening.  Everything in that book resonated with me.  That little girls spirit was so much like mine. And when her uncle asked her what she wanted and all she asked was, “Might I have a bit of earth?” it stole my heart.  It sounds so odd, I know.  However, at that time in my life I so desperately wanted a secret place to hide away to where I could create life.

Eventually my love of flower gardens grew to vegetable gardens, but that wasn’t until I was in my early 30s.  I only grew beefsteak tomatoes, red peppers and cherry tomatoes, but in Ohio’s rich swamp-black dirt they grew beautifully!

This year I’ve planted an all out, hardcore garden with my folks.  We’re growing everything!  Unfortunately, Missouri dirt is NOTHING like Ohio’s, but things are sprouting so I’m happy. Even on the most frustrating days I can go and dig my hands in the dirt and create life.  And doing that brings life back into my soul.

I think of one blogging friend who probably feels that way about riding her bike (*wave*!) and another friend who digi-scraps her heart out. I’m intrigued, what does it for you?  What lifts your soul and brings you peace?

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  • That is one of my favorite books ever! The sun is shining today and I just want to be out in it. I too have spent a lot of time in the dirt this spring although we don’t have a vegi garden this year. I do have strawberries and rasberries.

    I do love riding my bike outside, that is one of the things that brings me joy, also reading to my children. They still like it now that they’re older but when they were little there was nothing in the world I loved to do more.

  • What lifts my soul… hmmmm…. the plain truth is: that changes with the wind, but when ever I need a “soul lifting” I am sure to find it…even if it is an accident! I enjoy nature and caring for things..I cry if I kill a plant..I have learned to let bugs go rather than SQUASH ’em… I am an odd sort of freak. As we discovered too large a brood of sparrows in our bird box outside…it became apparent that we’d need to assist the Mama bird so she didn’t lose another baby… my husband thinks it is an interferring with “nature” and I figure…its my backyard and my bird box…. so I am obligated to help. So each day..we rotate the birds that come in for some TLC… or we take in the dehydrated ones in… and we return them so that the Mama can warm them up… it is nice to help. My soul was lifted so high when my 6 year old climbed up the ladder reached in and got 2 of them…with such care and nurture… no ill will and o intension of being mean… just wanting to help and do her part. If I can teach my kids to do their part in this world…. I will have accomplished a great thing.. to often we become “those people” that just barge in an take over…thinking we can do it better…when in reality…all any of us really need is a hand sometimes…

    I went really deep with that… don’t be mad!

  • I wish I had that gift. I just can not keep anything alive. If my kids weren’t so vocal, I might have starved/dehydrated them by now.

    Escaping with a good book gives me peace.

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