A REAL mother’s day gift

Have A Happy Mother’s Day My Dear Friend…!!! :)

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I’m shallow.

No two-ways about it. I like to talk fluff and dream of fluff…nothing too deep and nothing too personal.

Which is why this year I did NOT just sit by the wayside and say, “If I only get a hug from my husband and kids this Mother’s Day, it will be enough.”

I’m not June Cleaver and I won’t even try.

I’ve worked my fanny off for almost a year without much help from my husband.  Not because he’s a hands-off slob, but he’s thiiiiiiiis close to finishing his Masters and he’s either at work or got his nose in a book. So I’ve been pooped!  I needed some appreciation.

I actually told J what I wanted for my gift.  I felt the need for bling (or cling-clang as it so happens to be) so I told asked J for a bracelet with the boys’ names on it.  I had seen Kristen’s designs and loved them. Done! (And I wear that baby with pride!)

I figured I might get a lunch out of the deal and of course both the boys had been working hard at making gifts at school (God bless those stinkin’ creative teachers!) so I was set.

Or was I? <queue music>Dun, dun, dun</music>

After dinner, Saturday night, J gave me my flip-flops and said, “Put ’em on and let’s go.” I immediately started with the whole, “J, I don’t have my purse, I don’t have any makeup on, I don’t want to see anyone….” J and the boys completely ignored me, grinning from ear to ear.

Ok, I just can’t preview this anymore….

They gave me a night to myself at a local, jaccuzzi suite!!!!!!!!!!!

I had the entire bed, tub, tv, room, etc to MYself! They had even packed my bags for me and didn’t forget a thing!

It was heavenly.  When J told the registration people what he was doing, they actually gave him a big ol’ discount on another room so that he and the boys could be down the hall “in case I needed something”. HA!  The boys loved it because that meant “SWIMMING POOL!”

It was heavenly.

Oh, have I already said that?

But it SO was.

….big sigh…. The love tank is full and I’m ready to hit it.

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