Kids say the Darndest Things

Recently Plumkeeper (with 5 minutes for mom) held a contest where they asked parents to tweet something their kid said that was darn funny. After gathering a ton, they’ve narrowed it down to 10 and mine is on the list! They’re taking votes until 5pm on Saturday, May 9th, 2009.  I would love it if you guys would click over and vote for my quote.

My tweet/quote:
9yo looking at a pregnant woman – “God must have been in a bad mood the day he decided how baby’s were gonna be born!”

Thanks ya’ll!

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  • OMGoodness! That is too hilarious! I got this after voting closed, but I SO would have voted for you!

    “Gidget” sent me to your blog, said you’re a doll, and after reading your posts I think I have to agree! :) Oh… and what’s with texting her at church?! lol

  • LOL! Okay now THAT’s funny–he gets it from his mama, you know. I miss your blog, I need to come back again this week, and the next and the next. xoxoxo ~Gidge

    PS–texting at church, tsk tsk, I think you’ll have to move down a floor in that mansion in the sky for that. Which is cool, so far I’m only on the third floor, we can be roomies if you keep it up!!

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