Facebook treasure

Courtesy of Roctopus

Courtesy of Roctopus

I’ve told everyone I can think of, but have to post as it’s just TOO much fun!

Did you know you can change your Facebook language to Pirate? No kidding!

2 easy clicks:

~ Go to the bottom of the FB page and click on the link that says ‘English’.
~Then click on ‘English (Pirate)beta’ and hold on!

Is that not a hoot?!  I had no idea there were that many Pirates words!  All I knew were Booty and Argh!

I have to admit, I’ve had to go back and forth a few times to try to understand what FB is talking about.  For example, it told me I had 3 grog fests sighted from the Crow’s Nest.  Excuse me?! Where I come from that’s inappropriate!

Some other fun ones:

Writing on someone’s wall = Making a mark on their parchment
Videos = Bewitched Portraits
Married = Anchored
Single = Marrooned

As if Facebook doesn’t suck up enough of my time, now I talk funny!

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