I have an uncanny knack of seeing/feeling when someone is going through something that is sexually inappropriate.  Whether they are the “victim” or the one doing it to someone.  Now before you go all – “She’s officially wack-a-doodle-doo”…

It’s more of a feeling.  I get the red flags popping up all over the place when I encounter a person like that. It’s similar to when a parent “just knows” somethings not right with their kid.

It’s not a pleasant feeling to have.  I’ve never been wrong, even if I so badly wanted to be.  Recently, this has come up again.

There is some local scuttle-butt going on recently over a man (now 31) who is suing his old high school choir director for inappropriate sexual behavior.  I indirectly know this director and the man suing. At the time that this was going on, I was living with the family of another student who was in that same choir.  I told her one day that “something was just off between those two”.  I’m always insecure about being wrong so I added, “maybe I’m over-reacting”.  She told, that she was sure I was reading into it just because the student was the teacher’s favorite student.  That didn’t make ‘it’ better, but I dropped it.

Now 15 years later, it’s all over the news that I was right.

Could I have done something to stop it?  Would I have?  What could I have said to make him talk to someone? I wasn’t a close friend of his. All these questions.  If he knew about this post,would he wish that I would’ve said something?

I guess I’ll never know…but Adam, if you do happen to stumble across this blog. I’m sorry.  I truly wish I would’ve said something to you.

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  • I suppose this is your witness that you have a knack that shouldn’t be ignored. You can’t change the past but you can use it to help in the future. Next time it happens say something.

  • I personally don’t think you could have stopped it. Mostly because of your age and everyone probably would have thought you were overreacting.

    Sometimes these things – even these horrible things – have to take their course as a part of God’s timing. I know from personal experience. It’s ugly, painful and awful. But in the end, God is capable of redeeming any situation. I’ll pray for healing and redemption for all the involved parties.

  • Hindsight is always 20/20, Jen. Please don’t woulda, shoulda, coulda yourself. I completely agree with Cheri.

    I am sorry for Adam and all involved. I do pray for healing for him.

  • It is not all over the news that you were right. It is all over the news that Adam made an accusation. Very, very different things.

  • M – What I was right about was there was SOMETHING not right. I’m not saying HE is right or wrong, but that it was enough that I was uncomfortable and I wasn’t even around them every day.

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