Where oh where….

My work schedule has changed which means that my blogging/twittering schedule has changed.  As frustrating as it is to have to adjust (Oh yeah, I’m Ms. Flexible), I’ve kind of enjoyed it!

I’ve been working on our garden and it’s almost done.

Read the Twilight series….again!

I’ve been baking with my home-grown rhubarb (!).

Been playing with the boys more.

And lost 7 lbs in the process!!!

It’s amazing what getting off your butt can do for you!

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  • I haven’t been around much lately either. In NW Washington, when the sun shines, you gotta get outside. Got a lot of gardening done and have so much more to do but loving it. Congrats on the weightloss!

  • Sounds like you’ve been having a wonderful time! Is the Twilight series as good the next time around? I can’t wait to see New Moon. Did you buy the dvd? You know we did!

    I haven’t had as much time for the social media as much. Spring always does me in with baseball and tutoring students so they are ready for our state testing. The state testing will be over tomorrow so my time has freed up some.

    But! But!! My husband’s hours changed and he’s finally home in the evenings. That has really cut into my computer time. I just don’t feel right spending time on it when I can actually spend time with my man and as a family.

    Summer will be here soon and I’ll have more time. Of course, that’s when everyone else has less time.

  • You know, D…I’m one of those readers that forget details just about as quick as closing the cover, so yea, it was just as good second time around!

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