3 reasons you’re losing followers

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I’m participating in Darren’s 31 Days to Build a Better Blog Challenge. I really signed up to get some great tips and meat for my upcoming new blog (almost done!), but I’ll be implementing them on this blog as well.

Day 1 we were supposed to come up with an elevator pitch, which I’ve already applied to my new blog.

Day 2 we’re supposed to do a List Post.  I’ve actually been working on this after reading some things from other well-known bloggers.  Something’s been bugging me lately about them.

Between Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, etc, etc., bloggers are so caught up on getting more followers, I think they’re losing sight of the obvious.  So, the more followers they have the more they get their brand out there.  That’s great, but I’m seeing flaws that go along with it.

1. Too many giveaways. We all love giveaways, but it seems like the the market (especially the mommy market) is being flooded with giveaways.  It’s been done to ad nausea.  Same product by the same bloggers.  It’s time to go at it with a new approach.  And for the love of Pete, stop requiring registration in order to win.  It makes your numbers look good to the PR folks, but just gives your readers a headache and eventually they’ll leave.

2. No conversation. So you’re trying to build friends on Facebook, followers on Twitter, and Stumblers on Stumble, but then you won’t converse with anyone but the same top people.  I’m all about networking, but your readers aren’t going to keep following you if you don’t build a relationship with them.  That’s kind of the point of those social sites.  Having over 2k people to keep track of can be difficult but I’ve seen plenty who can do it….I follow them.

3. No variety. I’m not necessarily talking about niches. I’m talking about going on and on about the same issue.  If you’re trying to raise funds for something, that’s wonderful and lots of people want to be a part of it. But don’t lose your other readers because of that project.  Throw in some posts about frivolous stuff.  Twitter about something totally off the wall.  Specify a certain day of the week for your cause, so your followers know what to expect.

These are just a few of the things to keep in mind.  I guarantee, just those changes alone will attract more followers than any catchy marketing push.

And for Heaven’s sake, if I ever do that call me on the carpet!


There are thousands signed up for this challange but wanted to do a few shout outs to some great lists:

Birdsall Social Media – 25 random things about Twitter (LOVE #7!)

After The Bubbly – 7 surfire ways to get yourself blacklisted from the PTA (Cracked. Me. Up!)

Enlighted Marketing – 10 networking blunders to avoid (Loved that her list wasn’t just another repeat networking list.)

Off the Fence – 10 of the best magazine-style WordPress themes (He had some good ones…ones I had seen before.)

MCP Actions – 8 ways to find the light and enhance your photography (Totally love her & subscribed before #31DBBB!)

Willie Jackson – Best how-to websites (Only knew about half of these.)

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  • Good advice. 1. what’s an elevator pitch and 2. what’s good about a list post and does this one count? I think I tend to go on too long…any specific advice for yours truly?

  • Oh shoot…I forgot to add that:

    1. A summary of what your blog is about in about as long as it takes to ride an elevator.

    2. Most people have so many blogs to read that this gives them a chance to skim to the parts that mean the most to them. So this only works for certain types of posts.

    Jenny-Jenny, I don’t think you go on too long. However, I am a skimmer myself, so pics help to keep me involved in the writing. You do great at that!!

  • Hi Jenny,

    Thanks for the post and the linky love. I’m really enjoying connecting with the other challenge participants, especially through Twitter. It really underscores your point 2 – rather than “buying followers” (point 1), how about just doing or saying something interesting?

    Look forward to watching your blog blossom over the next month!


  • I’m not following the challenge. Just you. I did a list post today, I’m sure if I go to the challenge and read the instructions I’ll find that mine is too long. Lots of fun though.

    I also tried to do an elevator about me. It’s much different than it was before but also talks about my blog not just the simple intro that it was before. I was just a sheep in the herd, now I’m hoping this will set me apart a bit.

    Thanks for the advice.


  • Jenny,
    I’m embarrassed to say that I signed up for 31DBBB and haven’t done ONE exercise. I wonder how many times I have to fail before Darren boots me. 😉

    I liked your list. And I agree with all your points. I considered trying to focus on giveaways. But honestly, I don’t really enjoy READING giveaway-focused blogs. I can’t imagine I’d have much fun WRITING one.

    Maybe this weekend I’ll try to catch up a little on the challenge.

  • You are too sweet to link! I hope I gave you a chuckle. I’m having fun with Darren’s challenges too, and learning a lot. As for your list, I struggle with #2 myself, especially on the business blogs I write. Maybe that’s your next list….

  • Hi Jenny-

    It looks like my comment didn’t go through last week – my apologies!

    Thanks for the linkback and comment. I hope you’re enjoying Darren’s posts as much as I am; he’s an incredibly useful source of knowledge.

    Best wishes with your blog in 2009.

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