Hangin’ with Hulkman

Faces of Hulkman

Faces of Hulkman

This week Hulkman (HM) has been staying with us. While the boys are home for Spring Break. While I still have to work. Did I tell you he brought his dog, making our dog count to 4? Inside the house?

*insert oversized smile with bulging eyes*

It was a little nuts yesterday…ok a whole lot of nuts.  No one got any sleep the night before, I thought my new fancy-smanchy washer could handle washing my down coverlet only to have it “walking” all over the laundry nook due to the weight of wet bird feathers, Oldman left the back door open so 2 of the 4 dogs took off, HM’s OCD tendencies clashed with client phone calls, etc, etc, etc.

Last night we all got some good rest and life is functioning so much better.

All in all, having HM in the house is a complete hoot.  I usually get to see/hear him every week, but it’s a different story when he’s staying with me.

I’ve heard some hilarious conversations between him and the boys. Example:

Remember the 1980’s show MacGyver?  Well, he’s still very much alive in our home…HM has every season on DVD…Oldman has discovered how very cool MacGyver is (“He’s kinda like Han Solo, except he’s smarter and nicer”).

HM: “You like M-M-M-MacGyver?”

Oldman: “Yeah, he’s so cool.”

HM: “He’s your mom’s boyfriend.”

Oldman: “WHAT!?”

HM: “Shhh….don’t tell your dad.”

(Well, Oldman, it’s like this:  MacGyver WAS my boyfriend when I was 16 and totally in love with him! )

Sidenote: Do you know MacGyver’s first name?  There’s a reason why he never gave it out!

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