Yanni Voices

I have been a closet fan of Yanni’s for years.  My mum and I watched him on some PBS special and we immediately went out and got his CD.  He can do things with music that I can’t even do in my most creative dreams.  It’s amazing to me what pieces he can bring together so seamlessly.  When One-to-One Network asked bloggers to review Yanni’s latest album, I didn’t even blink an eye before I asked to be one of them.  And the CD came today!

I’ve been listening to Yanni Voices through PBS and a few things online in the past few weeks. (You’re in a cave, if you haven’t heard about it.) My first thought, before hearing it, was “Oh No….Yanni’s singing?!”  But of course not…he’s gotten 4 voices to add to his beautiful composition.  To hear these songs is exhilarating.  I’d kill to hear it in person…Yanni is such an incredible performer.

Anyone who knows me personally knows that I’m a HUGE Josh Grobin fan.  I have a new Josh Grobin – Nathan Pacheco.  When I hear Nathan sing Enchantment, I literately swoon.


(with a side of Meow!)

Chloe = sultry. Period. Sidenote: I wish I looked that good at 20!

Ender Thomas is your Hispanic sex god.  You know what I mean!  The kind that can just look at you and make you blush.  He makes Mr. Shake-your-bon-bon sound like an artist-wanna-be. Wow!

Elegant, exotic, brilliant voice….this is Leslie Mills.  I adore the tone of her voice. It’s so unique.  I can actually see her pulling off a great grunge song, but then she makes Before The Night Ends sound like the most beautiful song ever sung.

Wanna taste?

The world tour kicks off in the US on April 10th!!

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  • Amy ~ I’ve hinted to my husband that it would be a wonderful Mother’s day gift! 😉

    Steph ~ That would’ve been incredible! And yes….I’m SO jealous.

  • OH my hubs loves Yanni. I just sent him a link to your blog. I don’t think he knew there was a new album. Or maybe he did . . . . he knows he gets the eye roll if he talks about Yanni to me – lol.

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