UBP09 in action!

Partying with the 5MFM gang!

Oh my Lordy…the party is here and I’m NOT READY!  Great parties should have organized chaos, but what I’ve got going on here is nothing close to organized.  I could’ve SWORN it was just the first week of March!

Well, normally I’d be the great hospitable hostess with food and drinks and such, but instead I’ve got piles of laundry all over the living room, folded piles on the couch and dog-n-kid toys on the floor.

If you promise not to hold that against me, I’d love for you to hang out and look around!

Also, I’m HUGE on community blogging so if you leave me a comment I promise to stop by your place and chat with ya.

You can also find me over on Twitterthat would explain the piles of to-do laundry. :-/

Happy Party Hopping!!!


I’ve been so busy checking out the gazillion blogs, I forgot to add my prize wish list (Heaven forbid!)

My top 3 are:

(#19) $50 G.C. to Target by Shoot Me Now
(#21) $50 G.C. to Target by Agoosa
(#22) $50 G.C. to Target by Beginner Baby Blog

Ok…so I have a one track mind!

However, if those are available, I’d still like:

(#2) Bracelet by Sydney Andrews
(#11) Aromatherapy book/oils by Oils For Wellness
(#12) $20 G.C. to The Gift Closet
(#15) Chic Bud Earphones by The IE Mommy

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