Ah Blarney!

Whew!…I think Old Man Winter has finally given his last hooray in the Ozarks.  Just in time for St. Patty’s day.  It’s such a refreshing holiday….so fun for the start of Spring.

Except for J and I, it’s a little more.

For us it’s a reminder of many moons ago, when he asked me to date him exclusively.  What’s funny is I look back to that day and remember sitting in his truck in the pouring rain and thinking, “Can he NOT smell his meatball sub burps?  Cause I CAN!”  Poor guy, he was so nervous.  I also remember telling him that I was willing to put all my eggs in his basket (ok, that didn’t sound good).

Now, he remembers a completely different story.  Yes, he remembers the bad meatball sub burps, but he also tells me that I didn’t say I would stop dating around.  I left him hanging.

I think the stench clouded his memory.

Image courtesy of Pink Sherbert Photography

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  • Ah, perception is a funny thing! Happy Exclusive Anniversary!

    If you were to ask Big D about the day we met, he’d tell you that I flashed my boobies at him. I would heartily deny it! (We were at a water park and he swears when I came up out of the water after a huge slide, my bathing suit had shifted over. I saw, um, NO!)

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