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There are tons of tips out there so I’ll just add a few that have made my life easier:

Getting kids out of bed in winter time – Warm their clothes in the dryer for a few minutes.  They know they only have a few minutes before the clothes start cooling off so they jump out of the bed and are dressed in no time!

Kids using the internet – I’ve bookmarked a folder for each kid and have marked their favorite (parent approved) sites and they know they can only go to those sites.  Also, sites that ask for them to register is hands off.

Hard night = bags under the eyes – First thing when I get up I stick a jar of Vaseline in the freezer, then go make coffee and feed the dogs.  By the time I’m done it’s chilled but not frozen.  I put just a tiny bit of that Vaseline under my eyes and by the time I’m ready to fix my face (after getting the kids up and fed, etc. – being a mom rocks, eh?!) the bags are gone!

If want to add any thoughts to what I have (or add a better idea), please let me know!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to ready more of ya’ll greatest tips over at We are THAT family.

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  • I don’t know how old your kids are (mine are 13 & 11). We finally had to get an internet filter because they had SO much they wanted to look up and I just couldn’t sit there looking over their shoulders. So we got Safe Eyes. It’s highly customizable and just recently they made changes to where my kids can even look on YouTube but none of the gross stuff comes up. I love Safe Eyes!

  • you are so fun to read. Somehow I lost you for a while but I’m back. I’ve heard that prep. H under the eyes is magical too, I think I’d rather try Vaseline!

    Letter K is coming this week. Watch for Kleetus, Kids, and Kute Husband. I may have to misspell some…

    Did I tell you that you rock and I love your title?!

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