I’m going to BlogHer’09

bh09-150…and I’m excited to the point of tingling fingers! But this will be weird for me. I’m used to going to conferences with colleagues and being on the panel or MCing or being the comic relief…you get the point. I have volunteered myself with BlogHer with the hopes that I’ll feel more comfortable.

And then looking for a roommate is a whole other issue!

“Hi! I’m looking for a complete stranger to bunk with me for 3 days and 2 nights. I don’t want a fuddy-duddy, but I also don’t want a crazy-I’m-finally-away-from-the-kids lush either. I’d really like it if they were at least in their 30’s and have had some kids so we can related on weird mommyisms (peeing several times a night, excited to be able to eat something that’s not kid-friendly, etc). If this is you, please email me.  Thank you.”

*shakes head*

Weird, just plain weird. That aside…


Why, you ask?  What’s the big deal?  Well, I may or may not being working on a new site that will be up later this spring and the chance to network at BlogHer could do wonders for this site (that I may or may not being working on…have I said that already?)

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  • Whoo-hoo, I am going to meet you there, right? I was thinking about taking my whole family and then I thought … what???? Hubby agreed that I should just go myself, I’d probably have a better time. I haven’t been on a conference in ages, and never one like this.

    I also opted to get my own room because I’m such a mess … or maybe I’m afraid I’m one of those “crazy-I’m-finally-away-from-the-kids lush” types and I can hide it better this way ;).

    I’m very excited too!

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