If you follow me on Twitter, then you’ll know that for the last few weeks I’ve been dealing with some irritating appliance issues.

My washing machine had been with me for more than 15 years and it was finally giving up the ghost.  Washing for messy boys ever day was  a little much for her, so we finally went out and bought an LG fancy-smancy front loader.  I have been wanting a front loader for EVER awhile and was giddy that I was getting one with all the bells and whistles (steamer and allergenic cycles!). Unfortunately, 2 loads into it and it broke.  Their steamer outlet is right in the drum opening and it got loose I guess and was leaking everywhere…and I do mean everywhere

As irritated as I was I couldn’t help but be impressed how quick Best Buy traded it out for another one.  I thought, “Surely this is a fluke and we won’t have any more problems.” 

Silly me.

This time, after 3 days of ownership, it decided to turn off and not come back on.  That’s it!  I was hacked!  I was so frustrated because the LG brands overseas (where they orginated) were one of the bests. Again, Best Buy went WAY out of their way to help us out, even when they thought our business was going to move to Sears (You’re the best, Calvin!!!). 

I must have been in a progesterone or was it an estrone state of mind, because I decide to try it again.  This time I was going without all the extras and sticking with their basic front-load washer. 

So far, so good and I actually like it’s controls better.  What’s cracking me up is it’s settings:

Baby Wear – for lightly soiled baby wear (Really? I’ve never heard of a baby that lightly soils it’s clothes.  If there’s not spit up all down the front, there’s blow-outs in the back but on most days it’s both!)

Sanitary – for heavily soiled underwear, diapers, etc. (Holy crappers, I’ll be able to get J’s nicotine stains out!)

Delicates – for sheer or lacy garments, etc (Trust me LG, if I’m buying this washer for the Sanitary and Baby Wear settings, I’ll have no need for this setting!)

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  • Yay! I’m glad it’s working out! I tell Big D all the time that I want a front loading washer. He replies: “Why? You don’t even wash clothes!” Well, maybe I would if I had a front loading washer. 😉

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