The Bible – Truth or Just a story

I hate talking about religion.  Arguing if what you or I believe is right or wrong is a waste of energy in my opinion. But that being said, I do enjoy talking about the Bible.  You’d think growing up in the church I’d know that book inside and out, but I don’t. 

I find myself muttering on most Sundays, “C’mon now, Pastor.  You’re just preaching from that book and chapter because you know I can’t find it. Then by the time I do find it, you’ve already read it and are about 15 minutes into your sermon and I’m lost!”

I obviously need an E-Bible.

I’ve also never been keen on Sunday School class, but I find myself on Sunday mornings getting excited over my new class.  The teacher, Dr. Wave Nunnally is the Indiana Jones of Bible history and language.  Right now we’re working our way through 2 Kings, which would boar me to tears if taught by any other person. 

Someone in the class had brought up the frustration of having to defend the Bible as truth to his Religious professor, so Wave pointed us to this really cool book, Old Testament Parallels .  There are letters that have been found that are linked to the stories in the Old Testament.  For example there is a letter from a military officer to the leading officer in Jerusalem talking about how they are about to get taken over from a siege around their town…which is also written about in the Old Testament.

I just find it incredibly exciting and much more real.  Unfortunately, the Old Testament can be a bit boring in places (…and Hezajoca begat Abeeby, who begat, Abooboo…), so a discussion/read like this just feeds my hunger for the Truth.

(I have to give props to Ex-Attorney General, John Ashcroft for starting our SS class this past Sunday with a hymn.  I had NO idea he had such a smooth singing voice!)

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  • If you’ve been reading my posts about my 4:12 Life at all, you know how I feel about this! The Word of God is alive and relevant in our lives today! It’s our Life Instruction Book (Life for Dummies?). We just gotta read it.

  • We used to attend a very boring church. Very. boring. Then we moved and are attending a church that’s alive!! I look forward to going every week. I’m glad you’ve found the same thing.

  • There is nothing like an exciting teacher to help bring God’s word alive. We have one at our church also. Love it!

    I wish I could hear yours. An Indiana Jones of the Bible history & language sounds like an amazing time. That fascinates me.

  • I’m actually studying biblical hebrew right now, learning each word…letter by letter. It’s very fascinating. I stopped by today as I’m working on visiting the many blogs from Bloggy Carnival now that I have time to read and comment.

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