Oldman is older

Oldman playing raquetballToday is Oldman’s birthday.  He has been driving me crazy looking forward to this for weeks!

He’s not so much excited about turning 9 as he is being 1 year away from double-digits.  You’d think he was about to turn 16.

We’re planning a family party tonight, with his “real” party in 2 weeks (the snow storm screwed things up for this weekend).

You know how you have moments in your life where you feel like you are the worst mom/dad in the world?  I think I’ve got you beat.  This is Oldman’s first (EVER) birthday party.

Gremlin’s had two.

It seems like every February is a blur, so the idea of planning a party is nauseating.  The guilt was just too much this year.  That boy needed a birthday party and by golly, a birthday party he is getting!

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  • I hear you on February being a blur. My husband’s birthday is 2/12, our daughter’s is 2/13 and we all know what 2/14 is. By 2/15 I’m a shell of the woman I used to be. But I live for 2/15, oh how I live for it.

  • First? Holy cow! Ya know, February is a VERY short month… very little time for such things a parties :)

    My 9 year old son said to me the other day, “Hey mom! only 9 more years until I’m 18!” My heart stopped for a minute! How do they grow up so fast?!

  • Oldman can go to therapy with Bear. He’s had ONE party. Lamb has had…well, a lot more than one. Pitiful.

    Like you, I blame his month. September. Right after the first of the new school year, right before the wackiness of the holidays. Who has money for a party at that time?

    I hope he had a wonderful day and an even better party!

  • Oooh what’re you doing? You’re a great mom, JenGi, the boys will never forget the fun things you do for them. xoxo

    PS–tagged you too, you kinda have to play

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