Growing gliches

I’m anxious to hold on to my boys as long as possible, but if we could by-pass this whole growing pain/growing stumbles thing, I would greatly appreciate it.

Oldman is a bean pole whose feet and legs won’t stop growing.  I bought him 2 pairs of jeans and 3 weeks later they were capris.  In November, I  bought him new shoes because he jumped 2 sizes since August and now those 3 month old shoes are too small.  The poor kid can’t stop tripping over his clod-hoppers.  He falls down everywhere.  It’s kind of sad, because we’re so used to it we barely acknowledge it; hence dirty looks from strangers.



Gremlin trips too, but he’s more of a butterfinger kid.  Everthing he touches gets dropped and broke.  This morning, he dropped one of J’s old toys (Star Wars collector) and broke it.  He felt horrible over it so Oldman let him play with his new transformer and Gremlin dropped  and broke that too.  Both boys ended up going to school completely disheartened.

I try to encourage them where I can, but I’ve discovered staying out of the kitchen is a must.  They want to help me prepare for dinner every evening.  I’m a very lucky momma to have boys who want to do that, but I value my life!

I have discovered a lotion that is a God-send for the growing pains, but I sure wish I could help them with all the body mis-fires.

…before they break everything in my house.

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  • Bless ya’ll’s hearts! My kids don’t experience growing pains, at least not that they verbalize. My youngest brother did something awful. I’m glad you discovered a lotion to help with that!

    As far as the body mis-fires? I’m in my 30s and still suffer those!

  • Both my kids have growing pains – as did I. Little Son is really shooting up right now – I think he has passed up Daughter by about an inch! He’s gonna need new pants for school soon – can’t he just wear high-waters until it’s time for shorts?!?

  • Awww poor Oldman! I know what you’re talking about, you saw Alex and his ginormous size 9s, lol. I wish I’d THOUGHT to go through HIS capris…er I mean jeans, while you were here. Shoot! xo

  • My boy has suffered from growing pains since he was about 2 … poor kid is always about 2 sizes bigger than his age, he’s 8.5 but is bigger than his 11 year old cousin (and the feet… I can wear his Skechers now LOL). My son has never had a huge urge to help me with dinner, though… I think his teens are coming up just as quickly. The girl, no pains just yet and thank goodness, she’s a major complainer!

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