WFMW — Catch all basket">WFMW — Catch all basket

I haven’t done a WFMW in eon’s, but I was telling a friend about my boys’ bas­kets and she told me I needed to blog about it. Aaaaaand it just so hap­pens to fit Shannon’s WFMW’s criteria.

Mesh bagI picked up these sim­ple lit­tle mesh bas­kets at the store for like $3.00 and they are great for the kid­dos. I have one for each boy. After I’ve done their laun­dry, it gets put into those bas­kets and they know to put it up. Every night (ok, so I’m still work­ing on the every night thing) they grab their bas­ket and run around pick­ing up the toys they’ve drug all over the house that day. The great thing, is it folds up to noth­ing and gets put away until the next use. It has made a world of dif­fer­ence in this household!

Extra bonus: Boys being boys mean they will hit each other over the head with it and the mesh mate­r­ial makes it torture-free!

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