WFMW – Catch all basket

I haven’t done a WFMW in eon’s, but I was telling a friend about my boys’ baskets and she told me I needed to blog about it. Aaaaaand it just so happens to fit Shannon’s WFMW’s criteria.

Mesh bagI picked up these simple little mesh baskets at the store for like $3.00 and they are great for the kiddos. I have one for each boy. After I’ve done their laundry, it gets put into those baskets and they know to put it up. Every night (ok, so I’m still working on the every night thing) they grab their basket and run around picking up the toys they’ve drug all over the house that day. The great thing, is it folds up to nothing and gets put away until the next use. It has made a world of difference in this household!

Extra bonus: Boys being boys mean they will hit each other over the head with it and the mesh material makes it torture-free!

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