Passing of the twirling baton

courtesy of Flicker-CC

courtesy of Flicker-CC

I must be getting soft in my old age.  This morning, I heard the Bush girls read an open letter to the Obama girls.  Malia and Sasha aren’t going to completely understand this letter, but in time they will.  I actually found myself getting all choked up.

Growing up a missionary’s daughter, I was always under the microscope.  I never felt that way at home, I did in the churches.  When we would visit these churches, I would feel the people’s eyes boring into mine.  Trying to see if OUR family was worth their support, not just because of what my father had to share with them.  I remember one year, we went to 144 services throughout Oklahoma.  I swear we went to every Podunk town there was.  I could preach my father’s sermon in my sleep…

“…and Jesus told the rich, young ruler to go sell all that he had, come take up his cross and follow me.”

I am in no way saying that I can fully comprehend what those girls will feel and see the next 4 years to come.  But the Bush girls know and I’m pretty sure that open letter to the Obama girls will get pulled out from time to time and read through again.  I hope they do heed their advice and enjoy their time there and take advantage of every opportunity.  Especially sliding down those gorgeous banisters.

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  • I hadn’t heard about the letter. Thank you for informing us. Now I just need to quit wiping my nose on my pajamas and go get an actual kleenex . . . . .

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