PETA protesters should serve coffee

Right now, as I type, it is 55 degrees in Southern Missouri and with the humidity it feels quite warm.  That doesn’t mean a thing though.  Yesterday, I couldn’t feel my nose going to church it was so cold.  It was WAY past that stage where your nose hairs ice up and if feels like there’s 10 million mites biting through your contacts.  Missouri weather is like a box of chocolates….you get the rest.

Natural beauty

We are being reminded that 2 years ago today, we had “THE ice storm” that left us without electricity for up to 2 weeks.  It was bad ya’ll.

But I can’t think of cold weather without giggling like an idiot.  I always think about some friends of ours that went deer hunting on a very cold morning.  Our friend, “Steve” was supposed to meet his Uncle out on some land around 6am, but he got tied up at the house.  While his Uncle waited on him, he started up a little fire and sat around drinking coffee to stay warm.  By the time Steve showed up around 8, they were anxious to get going.  They walked quite a bit trying to find an animal path, when all of a sudden Steve’s uncle said, “I’ve got to relieve myself before I go any further.”

Sounds easy enough.  Guy + tree = bathroom.

However, they both were so layered up on clothes, overalls, Carhart suits, etc that he couldn’t get his gloves off and get through all his zippers fast enough.  He got to laughing and completely peed all over himself.  That got Steve laughing even harder.  Then his coffee came through.

You know what’s coming next.

About 10 seconds of him fiddling with his gloves and Carthart and it was too late.

Needless to say, they just waddled back to their truck and called it a day.

*A word of advice to PETA advocates:  Serving coffee is so much more productive than laying around all nekkid on furs. IMHO.

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