Just a little note

Dear Strep,

This is an official notification that you have broken all contractual visitation rights.  As agreed, one visit a year is all you are allowed.  I understand that visit is good for my children because it actually boosts their immune system.  However, visiting Gremlin every 2-4 weeks is NOT a part of your visitation rights.  It’s rude, inconvenient and costs me money.  Besides the fact that it’s a little hard for me to work when I’m catering to a sick child.

Gremlin is scared of you.  He’s afraid that you are going to turn into Peri-Anal Strep and that is not ok.  Also, you could be at fault for having a hand in injuring a doctor.  A conversation that I overheard last night:

Gremlin: If he [doctor] thinks he’s putting that stick down my throat, I’ll…I’ll…I’ll kick him in the….well, YOU know.

Oldman: (hee, hee)….where?

Gremlin: (whispering)….his fuzzy beanbags!


So you see, Strep, you must go and bother someone else.  Outside of this household.

Best of luck in your endeavors,


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  • I swear I disinfected my house! I swear. I feel awful. Poor little guy. If he needs help kicking anyone in the fuzzy little beanbags just let me know!!!!

    BTW, the boys were angelic the other night. Not the slightest squabble out of them. Gremlin did tell us that you snore really loud. A-man had so much fun, I hope Gemlin did as well.

    I was thinking of you however, was that the first time he had spent the night with a friend? Did it tear you up a little? Because, it would have me.

  • Oh man. That stinks. I hope Strep realizes how precarious his position is and leaves pronto! I’m sure he wouldn’t like being kicked in the fuzzy beanbags. Of course, they way he’s been hanging around, he deserves it!

    I hope Gremlin feels better & stays better!

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