Principal M – Take My Children!

School starts on Monday but I’m about to lose my goojers!!!!

If I hear whining or fighting from those 2 boys one.more.time…..

Is it true your happy place is just really your crazy place????


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  • I just wish come Monday, I could send the kids off yet stay home myself!

    My son got a new game so he’s been leaving us alone these past couple of days. Before then? I was ready to ducktape his mouth.

  • Ready? JenGi I was BORN ready to hang out with you. What’re we going to do…what what what….well THAT is a supersonic top secret, classified piece of information, sorry. (which may indicate I haven’t thought much about it, hehe) I do know one thing, I cannot wait to hug your neck…AND challenge you to a little DDR. That’s right, I’m brushing up (some of us cannot afford a Wii). So…in order that I might shed a few pounds before Spring, I have been doing DDR with the kids. I’m good-I hit 10% of the notes tonight. Boooyah!

    (that wasn’t a typo–10%)

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