I beg your pardon, Mr. Fit

For the past couple of months I’ve been playing around with the idea of getting a Wii Fit.  From what I understood you could do “exercise” on the board.  I heard about hula-hooping and yoga and that was about it.  A Twitter friend of mine actually lost so much weight on a Wii Fit that she was featured in several big named magazines. 

I STILL didn’t see how a little board attached to a gaming system could do all that much.  So I didn’t persue getting it.

J, however stumbled across it during the Black Friday Madness and got it for me for Christmas. I was actually pretty excited to see what all the hub-bub was about.

What I didn’t expect was it to weigh me!!!

This Wii Fit is a hard-core, accountability machine!  Not only did it weigh me, but it also took the liberty of telling me just how OLD my body really was.  Oh no, it doesn’t care that I’ve only been alive for almost 37 years.  Apparently since I trip over my big, fat feet I have the body of a 44 year old!

“Well, that stinkin’ Mr. Fit can take that 44 and shove it up his…..”


At any rate, when I’m not at the Y, then I will be working on my Wii Fit-ism.  My favorite so far is the ski-jump, basic step dance and hula-hooping. 

(Don’t mind that booty shot….there’s a reason I need Mr. Fit.)

That yoga is just a bit too calming for me.  I can’t keep that stinkin’ dot in the right place.  Gonna have to work on that.

In case that in-your-face board isn’t keeping me accountable enough as it is, there’s a Wii Fit Mommies group I’ll keep track of.  Next time I place a picture of my booty on the web, it’ll be tiny and cute! Dang it!

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  • there’s a bar in downtown New Orleans that has a Wii/Wii Fit in the place. Gal I know couldn’t understand why they’d have that in an upscale place. I said, give a gal three cosmos and put her on the hula hoop, best entertainment a bar could ever have :-)

  • I can’t wait to get abused by very own Wii Fit! I’m truly scared about what it’s going to deem my age to be. Yikes.

    You look like a pro on it!

  • If I can ever get my hands on a Wii Fit I am SO buying it! It’s #1 on our Wish List now!

    I’ve tried the hula hoop and a couple of others and they are fun! But oooo – I got a stitch in my side!

  • I am jealous! I would love a wii fit! I am so excited for you! That sounds like so much fun (and accountability!) It will be saying you are 32 before you know it!! 😀 Happy new year!! xoxo

  • I found your blog from my husbands (Bryan Thompson) twitter site. Funny stuff. I love moms with a sense of humor. And I thought this was just so funny. We want a wii. And I would love a wii fit. I lost about 30lbs last year doing Weight watchers at home and have another 15 more to go. Anyway, this was a funny post and just had to give you some kudos.

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