Sincerely – Christmas past

I forgot I had this picture.  I find it particularly funny, because I wasn’t much of a doll/barbie kind of girl, but I got that extra-long-haired barbie so I could “do her ‘do”.  I was completely fascinated with french braids!  This picture also explains a little why I call my “heart-twin” Hulkman.  Every year, growing up he got something that was tied into The Incredible Hulk.  My secret Famous Bro got what every boy his age wanted: A Hand Held Video Game!!  The start of his geekiness.  😛

As an adult I’m glad we got a picture of us in front of that particular tree because I remember my Mum, painstakingly, hand-making every one of those “strawberry” ornaments.  She painted shelled walnuts red and glued tiny little white beads all over them.  The idea of doing that makes me nauseous.  But as a little girl I thought they were perfect.

(sidenote: I know…I’m suppose to show a picture that wouldn’t make it in my scrapbook.  Officially?  This one never really did.  Honestly!  I’m just not sure why now, cause I think it’s cute!)

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