Sharing bits o’ me

No, I’m not getting all mushy.


Just wanted to share a couple of things that are fun to me.

1. The other day Oldman was listening to an advertisement on the radio and when it got to the end where you have to hear all the legal-smegal stuff REAL fast, he rolled his eyes and asked, “WHY do they do after every commerical?  I can’t understand a thing they say!”  I told him, “Well, that’s kind of the point.  It’s all the rules of the sale and they don’t want you to have to hear every detail or it won’t sound like much of a deal.”  Then today I came across Mouse Print.  It is a fun little website that exposes “the strings and catches buried in the fine print”.  It’s amazing what some companies say in their fine print.  Today’s issue is about the scandal with toilet paper….don’t EVEN get me started!!

TOTALLY off that subject….

2. Have you been to Sephora lately?  I am not a makeup-y kind of girl, but I’m noticing some serious aging of the skin.  I’ve always been the girl that IF I remember to wash my face, it’s only with a washcloth and hot water.

It’s officially catching up with me.


The stupid part is that I have a good friend who is the Skin Care Director of our Sephoras.  HELLOOOOO!  So I finally went to see her and she being one of the coolest friends hooked me up with so many stinkin’ samples I’m practically set for life.  I was thinking…”Connections, baby!”  But then she dashed my heiress-aura with the news that Sephora gives out samples all the time.



So…you need to go into Sephora.  Have their Skin Care Director or Consultant look at your skin, ask their questions and have them point you to the right samples.  They don’t want you to buy a bunch of stuff that you don’t know will work for you.  That is a confident and very cool company.

(And my favorite right now, is the their morning cleanser, Wrinkle Revenge.  I look like I’m 12!  Ok, so maybe I look like I’m 30. Whatever.)

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  • They give out free samples? The other day I walked in there and I’m not a makeup person and I walked out with $250 worth of makeup that I paid for… :( I will have to ask them for free samples…

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