What warms me

With all this stinkin’ cold weather, it got me thinking about the things that warm my heart (now if it moves to my toes, I’ll be thrilled!)

The other day, I was plain ol’ exhausted.  I had been home all day with a sicko kid and by the time J got home my grace and long-suffering was, well….suffering. So not only did he draw me up a wonderful hot bubble-bath with my favorite White Tea-Ginger bubbles and matching candles, but he cleaned the tub first. (“He loves me, he truly loves me!”)

This year, we are joining our church in getting presents for kids in the neighborhood schools who probably won’t be getting any this year.  We picked 2 boys that are the same ages as our boys.  They are more than ready to understand about giving during this season, and it absolutely warms my heart to know they are so excited.  They’re actually talking more about that than what they want for Christmas this year.  Does a momma’s heart good….

Mum got a clean bill of health last week.  This time last year she was finishing up her chemo and still quite weak.  It was so much more enjoyable cooking Thanksgiving with her this year.  I can’t wait to celebrate Christmas with her in the kitchen, instead of sitting with her on the couch. 

Ah…..much better.  All warmed up.

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  • Hello? Is this the Jenny who wanted to know about Globetrotter tickets for your 2000 baby? Because, wow, you are hard to respond to! Your page from the blogger profile doesn’t work or look like this, then I tried the other blog on your profile, saw yours linked on there- and clicked that way to get here. There was no email address from your comment to me…whew! I hope this is the right place! I am thinking there was a deadline to sign up for the card you get- but I don’t remember really. Try googling it :-), maybe. We have yet to get to use the free ticket- but they are coming here in January, finally…so we are hoping this is the year! Thanks for visiting…

  • He does love you! What a man! And congrats on your mom’s clean bill of health! That is such fantastic news! God is GOOD! Woot!

    My son is also very generous and loving with his money & time. It does do a momma’s heart good. I hope as these boys grow, the men they turn into are even better than the boys they are now. The world will be a much better place.

    I’m all warm now too.

  • Okay I’m gonna admit, I read the title in Reader and thought this would be a K-Y post or something. A little disappointed, but okay, I’ll roll with it.

    J, you’re the man, I knew it all along and this only confirms it. You earned points with JenGi AND you got yourself another free night at the Hotel Johnandstacey.

    I’m so glad to hear about your mom, JenGi, funny thing I was thinking of her yesterday, so this answered my question! Hooray! I miss you…and love you…and don’t care if that weirds you out. I don’t!

  • I love White Tea & Ginger bubble bath! I can’t find it here anymore. :-(

    So glad your boys are learning that giving is so much better than receiving! And GREAT news on your momma, too! God is good – He knows just how to warm us from the cold, doesn’t He?

  • I just stumbled over here from “We Are THAT Family.” I’m so happy to hear about your mom. I’m where you were last year. My mom just got the good news the day before Thanksgiving that her cancer is in remission after months of surgery, radiation and chemo. She is still in the beginning stages of getting her strength back. I pray that next year I’m given the same blessing you were this year!

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