A wonderful long weekend

How do you write a post about an incredible Thanksgiving weekend without rambling horribly?!

Despite giving the flu to J’s mom.  We had a great long weekend, and it was packed!  We did a lot and just enjoyed one another.

J is a freak about Black Friday so of course he and I were out in the madness and scored!

Speaking of scoring…did you see the OU/OSU game?  Or even the Kansas/Mizzou game?  Intense. Period.  Much to the irritation of Texas fans, OU won the right to play in the Big 12 Championship game next Saturday against Mizzou.  I’M TORN!  I’ve been an OU fan longer so there lies my loyalty, but….  I just hope it’s a good game.

Since the deals were so good on Black Friday, J went ahead and gave me my Christmas present early…A Nikon D40!  I’m so excited.  My camera from last year broke and Kodak was being a butt about sticking to the warranty, so I moved on up!  He also got me an extra lens for close up and it’s AMAZING what a good camera can do for pictures!  Can’t wait to share pics of this past weekend.

I’ve got to get my act together for our family Christmas card so I’m off to find some unique Christmas cards online stores.  There are plenty of SAHM card shops to pick from. 

I’ve gotten all my Christmas deco up except for outdoors…can’t find them!  Besides it’s too stinkin’ cold to put them out just out (Not a word, B/S and D!!!).

Have a great evening…see ya in the a.m.!

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  • Happy TG JenGi! I’m so glad you had a good weekend–and glad you scored, too!! You know me, I never venture out on Black Friday, so I sit back and read what I coulda had. What did you get me, though? I’m not sure I can wait!!!

    I told John he oughta get those lights up the other day–but, sigh, he didn’t. And it’s been snowing and cold…and if it doesn’t get done next weekend, it won’t get done. Sigh. xoxoxoxo

  • Not saying a word….

    Oh! I want your camera! That is so cool! We ventured out Friday as well. We didn’t score any big deals. Just got The Office dvds, some memory cards, & tools for hubby. I wanted some diamond earrings, but alas… 😉

    We don’t have our decorations up yet. Sigh. During the hurricane prep, they got pushed way back into the attic with things piled all around them. Hubby is procrastinating big time! We’ve been dealing with a sick pet so none of us have really been in the mood.

    Even tho Bear rooted for OU against Texas Tech, he is so annoyed about the Big 12 championship. Hee! I *think* he’s rooting for OU.

    I’m glad your Thanksgiving was a good one!

  • I’m soooo glad you’re feeling better, JenGi! Sounds like a fabulous weekend!

    I was rooting for OU, too – I’m a Texas Aggie fan, so I didn’t want UT to get the Big 12 Championship (or TT – hate them!). Boomer Sooner!

    This morning when I dropped the kids off at school it was 40 degrees and frost was on all the roofs. This afternoon when I picked them up it was 70 degrees. WTF?!?!?

  • You’re gonna love that camera. It’s almost the same as my D50. The differences are things you wouldn’t miss in regular shooting, like bracketing. And I’m jealous yours takes the large capacity SDHC cards which the D50 doesn’t. Kewl Christmas prezzie! Can’t wait to see your pics.

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