Thanksgiving plans

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Thanksgiving is next week!  Crappers!!

Please slow down, holidays. I want to enjoy every moment of you with my family and if you streak by without so much of a ‘knock-knock, ding-dong’, I’ll miss it and be exhausted to boot.

I am very excited about Thanksgiving this year.  I’ve got my folks and Hulkman around and now we found out that we get to have J’s folks down as well.  Both boys are estatic to have both grandparents around for the holidays.

I grew up having large family T-giving dinners and so did J, but the boys haven’t had a chance to expierence that to it’s fullest.  They also don’t have any cousins, so that doesn’t help (can you believe they’re the only grandkids for either side of the family?!).

But as thrilled as I am to have such a big bunch to celebrate with, I’ve realized I’ve only got a week before my in-laws arrive (ack!).  We’re planning on having a little Christmas present exchange with them and the boys while they’re here so I just HAVE to get our tree and all the trimmings up.  It’ll be busy but it’ll be good.

It’s going to be a good holiday season for us.  I hope you guys have wonderful holiday too.

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