Welcome to MY website

It’s really mine!  I bought it and everything!  I’ve been wanting this for a real long time and am loving all the options I have now.

As I said on my old blog

“…thank you so much to Amber for using my site as a gunea pig for her article in Sparkplugging.com  Because of her my site was able to get up and running A LOT sooner than if I would’ve done it myself.  Of course I wouldn’t have even known about the article if it hadn’t been for Twitter.  Most of you know what a Twitter freak I am.  It has opened up so many opportunities which is what it’s truly meant for.”

I love the idea that I can change my theme easily and there are so many themes.  It’s been a blast playing with my site and can’t wait to get back on this ol’ wagon of blogging.

Come back soon and please leave a comment.  I’m anxious to meet more people who blog!

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