Jen’s blonde moment…again.

I was watching more of all this election junk when Fox had someone on who grew up in politics.  Everytime I see this person I giggle.

I had a…uhmh, run in with him several years ago.

During that time J worked for a financial company and traveled a lot.  There were many guys at that company that did the same.  So once a year, the company would have a 3 day “conference” in a nice/fun place (Orlando, San Diego, etc) and allow the wives to come for free.  They guys would be in meetings most of the day, but they had activities for the wives.  It was pretty fun.

The last night they would have a banquet with a speaker that was in the financial industry. Booooooring.  I usually zoned out and passed stupid notes around the table.

This one particular banquet, just before it started, J was having to wrap up some details with a big-time client over in a corner so I was standing by the bathroom bored out of my gourd.  This guy walked up and asked if I knew where the bathrooms were.

Uh-Duh!  “Actually, I’m blocking the way. Sorry about that”, I say as I smile politely and step off to the side. He laughs and mutters something about me being a good bathroom bouncer.

That’s me, Burly Betty!

He comes out a short time later and just stands there beside me. I looked at him and ask, “Trying to take my job?”

He burst out laughing. Loudly. And said, “So do you work for Company X?”

“Nope, I’m just an expensive trophy wife. Can’t you tell?”

“Oh yeah, you’ve got diamonds dripping.”

We had been chatting for a littIe bit when I noticed that people were obnoxiously looking at us and giving me raised eyebrows.

I quickly double-checked myself: Am I flirting? Does he have a gun? Do I have a huge booger at the end of my nose?

I think he picked up on my sudden stiffness and gracefully excused himself.  J must have finished up his conversation cause he walked over to me with a cheshire grin.

“What?!”, I whispered loudly to him.

“That was our keynote speaker you were chumming up with.”

I didn’t get it…”So?”

“You don’t know who he is?” He’s still got that goofy grin.

“Some guy that needed to use the john.”

J chuckled and handed me the speaker’s lastest book, “Twice adopted”. By Michael Reagan.  I had to read the inside cover to realize he was Ronald Reagan’s son.


He’s just a guy that needed to empty his bladder before he went on stage. Still makes me chuckle though.

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