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I haven’t participated in a carnival in so long, I feel like a newbie again.  Antique Mommy is hosting a traveling tips carnival.  What a great idea, huh?  Growing up as a missionary kid I thought, “Shoot, all I did was travel.  I could easily come up with some great stuff!”  But in all honesty, travel requirements have changed so much since those “good, old” days that now I’ve got better tips for traveling with kiddos.

All the tips I give were/are done personally or I’ve heard about it and wish I would’ve thought about that when my kids where that age. Is that how it’s supposed to work?


~Obviously each kiddo should have their own bag/backpack full of toys, drawing/activity pad, etc.  And whoever created portable DVD players should be made a Saint.  Take them. Period.

~For toddlers and up a few years, I love wrapping a few toys from the dollar store and letting them unwrap a new surprise every couple of hours or so.  If they get bored of the toy, they LOVE the wrapping paper!

~Also for toddlers, when it’s sleepy time, pop in a book on CD for yourself.  You’ll be entertained and the voices will lull the little one to sleep.  Cracker Barrel has tons and you can pick them up at one CB and deliver it at another one!


~This one is not a tip, but a fact.  If you are traveling by plane with a little one in diapers.  They will poop the moment you get buckled in and the plane starts taxiing. Without fail.  Just expect it.  Keep your eyes glued on your little one.  Ignore those hatey glares and uncaring comments, and the first moment you can get up, waft that stinky little booty right over those mean people’s heads straight to the changing table over the toilet in the Lu.

~If you’re going to have a long lay-over, try to work it around an airport that has a train.  Kids will be entertained for hours!

~Air pressure can be a bugger during take off and landing.  For older kids, give them gum.  Little kiddies, use snacks that are chewy like gummie bears.  For babies, use a bottle or sippy cup.

~This could be used as an everyday tip, but I got the idea traveling with the boys by plane.  I carry post-it notes in my bag for those automatic flushers.  My boys REFUSE to use a toilet with one of those.  Don’t blame them entirely.  Slap one of those post-its on the evil laser eye and you’ll have all the time in the world to do your business!

On that note, I’m tipped out.  I’m heading over to get other ideas from carnivalees.

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  • Oh wow… I love the post it note idea. Everybody in our family hates the auto potty. We will be traveling with a pack of posties from now on! Cool!!!

  • Love the Post-it note idea!!! Auto potties are the worst invention for those of us who live in toddlerland.

    I’m sure that the people outside of our stall wonder what I’m doing to my child – “what on earth could that woman be doing to make her child cry, scream in terror, wail . . . ???”

    It’s just the toilet ma’am. Just the toilet.

    Thank you! I’m off to put the post-its in my purse.

  • I never ever would have thought of the post-it note idea, I am SO adding a pack to my diaper bag right now. Whoa, what a tip! Your other tips rocked too, but seriously gal, you get Mama of the Year Award from me for the post-its! :)

    Cheers, Kiy

  • Where were you when My daughter had “auto potty” trauma? She is now 14 and I think it was only 2 years ago that she finally stopped making me go into the bathroom with her to hold my hand over the sensor. We went on a 5 hour train ride when she was 4 and she refused to go to the bathroom the entire trip because they had auto potties. Of course as soon as the ride was over we had to hussle to find the nearest non-automatic toilet. SIGH….

  • PS. I’m a missionary kid, too. My parents were with Wycliffe Bible Translators. We lived in the US, but did our fair share of moving and traveling.

  • I’m so with you on sainting the inventor of portable DVD players. I just wish I’d thought of it!!!

    Daughter – who is now 14 – was quite traumatized by an auto-flushing potty when she was little. She thought she was going down! Personally, I don’t think I’ve laughed so hard in my entire life.

  • What is it about take off and landing that makes those little ones poop? As you say, it’s a given, expect it. I’m so rotten though, I changed Sean right in the seat. Couldn’t bear to take him into those flying porta potties. Can barely stand to take myself in there!

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