Manly men

If anyone has read this blog longer than a week, then you’d know that I call my youngest Gremlin for a reason.  What’s even funnier is his real name.  It REALLY fits him…wish I could tell you…you’d fall over.  We obviously was caught up in the baby moment and didn’t think about what it meant.

This last weekend J took the boys to a Dads and Lads outting.  It’s basically a bunch of guys getting together to throw some testosterone around.  And a few other things around too.  The competition types were:

~BB gun target
~22 rifle target
~knife and tomahawk throw
~compound bow and arrow shoot

I told J you are asking to being killed by our 5yo.  Little did I know what I needed to worry about was him with sticks.  Apparently there was a battle amongst the boys with sticks and poor Gremlin walked away with bruises on his head, face and neck.  And that wasn’t all.  He has a hole on the top of his right shoe the size of a 1/2 dollar because of stick he was playing with that was on fire.  His sock was black but all Gremlin had to say about it was… “IT WAS SO COOL!!!”

It was obviously called Dad’s and Lads for a reason.  If it was Mom’s and Crew the kiddos would’ve been too busy making smores to worry about a stick battle, they would’ve gone on a nature hike and learned how to love and understand their environment, and then cleaned up that camp better than they found it.

I have to admit though, their confidence level went up quite a few notches.  Out of about 100 boys they each got 1st and 2nd place in each competition and 2nd place overall.  I’m pretty proud of them, and thrilled they had so much fun with their dad this weekend.

And what did I do you ask?


I didn’t get snacks for anyone but me.

I didn’t change the TV show cause it was boring.

I didn’t read a book to anyone, because I was reading my own book.

I didn’t eat at McDonald’s nor McAllister’s.

It was wonderful!

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