Rockin’ it

I never in my wildest imagination would’ve thought that I would say the following:

Kid Rock can sing!

I’m not sure what happened to the guy, but he’s putting some great songs lately.  Song that you can understand the lyrics and songs that you can hear actual musical notes.  He’s really good.

My favorite is his rendition of All Summer Long.  He’s puts about 3 different songs and weaves them together and it’s a GREAT “take me back” summer song.  I was going to put his music video on here, but I’m not sure he’s changed THAT much.

I heard he’s going country.  Not sure what that means, but if it involves singing songs like I’ve been hearing, well then….YEEHAW!!!

Then again, maybe I’m just getting old.

SAY IT ISN’T SO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • I heard today that he was in Branson last weekend.

    Kid Rock in Branson, MO … put that up there with “Kid Rock can sing!”

  • I like that song, too. And there’s one other one he does that I like – it’s a duet with Sheryl Crow. Who knew we’d like Kid Rock?!?

    Still can’t stand to look at him, tho.

  • Waaaay back a bunch of years ago, he did a song on one of those award shows, he played the piano, and it was absolutely beautiful. I never did learn what song it was.

  • I had to tell you, I love Kid Rock. Now, I love all music, and did indeed enjoy his older, not-safe-for-kids/work rap as well. However, his new album is great. Granted, some of the songs are still not-safe-for-kids/work .. but the majority of them are good and “decent”. All Summer Long, the popular song, is well done.

    Actually, if you watch interviews with him, he has 1,000s of songs he’s written and never recorded. He also has always loved country, and rather sing that. I think this album is the start of a new path for him, frankly.

    Rock on!

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