Thank God I don’t have teenagers yet!

Unfortunately for my parents, I was a fearless teenager.  I thought I could do anything with no consequences.  Now, they didn’t raise me that way, but nevertheless…that was me.

Just in driving alone, my record is:

~At 14 I was driving my boyfriend’s Thunderbird. At night.  Without my glasses.

~Failed my drivers licenses 3 times (the first attempt, I went drove on the wrong side of the road with on coming traffic.  I’ve never heard a grown mad scream so loud.)

~Sideswipped a parked truck (on the wrong side of the road….again) after only having my licenses for 2 months.  It was hard to see the truck with my head under the dashboard. 😉

~A few years later, I totalled my brand new car 2 months after driving it off the showroom floor.

Maybe I watched a little too much Dukes of Hazzard.  Dunno.  But I do know I have a son that will be JUST like me when he starts driving.  And he’s enthralled with cars.

That’s why I checked out the website  It’s really not bad of an idea.  It’s a driving safety program for  teenage drivers.  Basically you sign up ($7.95/month) and they’ll send you a specialized decal for the back of the car that gives a number that other drivers can call to report either good or bad driving…specifically for your teen. 

Not entirely sure if it would work, but I’m thinking it sure would help.  Their stats are scary, but true.  I’d love to talk to a parent that is using their services.

I’ve got quite a ways to go before Gremlin drives(of course, HE’S the one I’m talking about), but I figure I’d better get used to saftey issues with him now.  I stopped on TVLand the other day to watch the old Dukes of Hazzard (LOVE YOU , LUKE DUKE!!!!!) and you should’ve seen that boy’s eyes when Bo and Luke did one of their famous jumps with the General Lee.  There’s no hope for that boy.

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  • Hmmmm….contemplating….

    Love me some Dukes of Hazzard! My brother, stepbrother, & I used to play them all the time. The General Lee did have some impressive jumps!

  • i see you intresting in vector…..
    i’m newbie in blog, i want to hear your comments, to make me more exiciting posting all i know to my blog.

    thanks friends..

  • Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee haaaaaaaaaaaaaw!

    Love me some Dukes, too!

    I think the driving thing is a pretty good idea – wish they’d had that when Navy Son started driving!

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