Ladies Nite Out

What do you think of when someone says they want to pamper you on a night out.

Food, wine, massages, etc?

How about watching practically nekkid men getting spray-tanned?!

Yes, maam!  And for the record, they were no George Clooney, but entertaining all the same.

Last night I went out with some friends to a “Ladies Nite Out” affair.  It was being hosted by 417 Magazine.  It was a night of pampering.  They had a plastic surgeon there, a varicose vein doctor, lots of wine and cocktail tastings, furs to try on, a fashion show, and of course the male tanning booth.  It was really fun and the gals I went with were a hoot.  But obviously I couldn’t quite get over the orange men.

I mean really.  How cocky can you be to stand in a room full of women, aged 30-50, with nothing but your red boxer briefs on and let some chicky-mama spray tan on you?  One dude had a ton of purple in his hair, if that tells you anything.  Wait…my son has a purple streak in his hair…*shudder*.

All in all 417 did a great job on the party and I had SO much fun…just some random, weird dreams.

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