Sincerely ‘Fro me to you – Bless you’s

My youngest is having a hard time adjusting to Kindergarten this week so he’s on my mind.  He doesn’t go by the name of Gremlin for nothing!  But then there are times that he’s so innocently sweet I could just squeeze his head right off!

My favorite sweet moment of all times:

It reminds me of a day when he was 3 and we were doing one of our jaunts back and forth from the church to our house.  He was especially tired and started having a sneezing fit in the backseat of the car.  I properly “blessed” him after each sneeze.  After he was done and the car grew quiet again, I heard Gremlin mutter to himself, “Oh great…I’ve got bless-you’s all over my seat!”

Even though he’s 5, he still calls them bless-you’s.

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