Laughter is the best medicine.

Hi. My name is Jenny and I have a boisterious laugh.

I’m not sure when it started. I was always a bit of a loud child.  So much so that my grandmother would tell me if I laughed like that one more time she would flush my head down the toilet.  She only did it once, but definitely made an impression on me.  So through my teen years I muffled my laugh with my hands.  Somewhere in my 20’s I decided to through caution to the wind – thew my head back and guffawed with all my being.  I have scared many an old lady with that laugh.  They jump a mile high then look around expecting to find a large Texas man only to find…me.

I truly love to laugh and I will dish it out often if you are funny or say something humorous.  I’m also easily entertained!

My laugh is not loved by all.  It’s un-nerving to a lot of people.  Hulkman is always telling me, “Shhhhhh! Quiet voice, Jenny Pooh Bear!”  I’ll never be that dainty lady he sees me as.  My husband, however, LOVES it.  That’s partly why I love him.  I can belt it out and know I won’t get that look.  He just sighs real big and looks at me with contentment.

Yesterday, at Walmart, I got a phone call from a friend who was completely cracking me up. I stood in the book isle just losing it.  Of course, I’m totally oblivious to all those around me giving me the look.  It’s not like the conversation lasted forever, but I was definitely disturbing the peace (at Walmart?).  I hung up and tried to manuever my way out of the isle while looking at my feet the whole time, when a little old lady stood in front of my cart blocking my way.  I thought, “Oh crap…here it comes.” I braced myself for a good thumping from her 1960’s triangle patent-leather purse….

“Are you the young lady that was laughing really loud?”

No, no…it was that funny looking kid down there… “Yes.  Sorry about that.”

“I thought so.  Thank you.”

I looked up.  “Excuse me??”

“You have a very addictive laugh.  I wish I could laugh like that.”

“Oh no you don’t.  It would get you in trouble.”

She winked at me and said, “What a great reason for being in trouble.”  Then she walked away.

I just stood there.  My heart was beating out of my chest and my pits were getting quite moist.  I was afraid to see what everyone else was doing around me.  So I took a deep breath and somehow checked out and made it back to my car.

I thought about it a lot last night and I’m not sure why she felt like she needed to find out who was making that “noise”, but I’m really glad she did.  It wasn’t quite a compliment, but I take it she enjoyed it all the same.

So if you’re ever in Springfield and you hear some lady giving it all she’s got, it’s just me.  Please don’t beat me with your purse.

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  • I am a lover or Jenny’s laugh! We should have t-shirts made!

    That lady’s right your laugh is infectious! And I am a better person for it. I can’t hear you laugh without at least smiling from ear to ear. It’s why I can’t hear the words “red” and “rocket” in the same sentence, okay, paragraph really, without losing it. That whole deal wasn’t really funny until you laughed.

    Promise me one day when our boys are nice enough to put us in the same old folks home that you’ll still laugh like that … and, I’ll promise to always catch your teeth!!!!

  • Oh I think Stephanie is onto something–I love the JenGi laugh too! I could wear a shirt, I would buy one!

    How’d ya like my call? I’m a loser, I know, I know, I know. School was verrrrrrrrrrrrry slow going today. xoxo

  • Wish I could hear your laugh! I love to laugh, too – just throw my head back and belly-laugh. It feels good. I think it’s awesome that lady thanked you in the Wally World! What a neat lady she is!

  • (at Walmart?)… hahahahahahaaaa!!!!

    AAANyway… that was awesome. I felt your anxiety, and then I teared up – you told this story so well!

    Golly, we’d have great time if we ever go to meet face to face… oh, and we’d get LOTS of “looks”, but it’d just be because they’d be jealous!

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