When did I turn into a pansy?

Early today I was reading this article at CNN.com about Miraculous Survivors.  They were talking about how some people can survive some of the worst situations where so many others die.  Laurence Gonzales is an author who is very interested in what these survivors share in common.

“These are people who tend to have a view of the world that does not paint them as a victim,” he says. “They’re not whiners who are always complaining about the bad things that are happening to them and expecting to get rescued.”

My first reaction was, “Phew!  Good, I’m definitely too much of a fighter to be like that.”

Then my gut laughed at me and snurked, “Wake up and smell some reality, lady.”

“Wha…!”  Then I read it again.

Ouch….I am a whiner. I am a complainer.  And I do expect others to rescue me.

When did this happen?!

You ask anyone that knew me even 4 years ago they would say, “That Jen, she’s no victim to anything or anyone.” …I think.

I’m just not sure when I went from a fighter and lover of life to a wimpy little Hobbit (no offense, Mum).

Kinda makes me want to go and do something crazy like cliff diving (New Moon influence).

Ha!  Or maybe I’ll just go and get my thyroid fixed.

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  • Hey! You are reading the Twilight series? What do you think? I read them earlier in the year & the most recent one this summer.

    You know, I think I have a little bit of both in me. When I know there is no one to “rescue” me, I suck it up & do what needs to be done. But, if I can be “rescued”, specifically by hubby, I’m more than happy to let him. I blame the Cinderella thing I have going on with him.

    Please get your thyroid checked. It needs to be done. K?

  • Ahahahaha! Your Mum’s gonna sooo get you good if you don’t get that thyroid thing taken care of. And I’m going to be right behind her to give you a second. JenGi, you know better, this is not good. I’m calling you tomorrow, don’t run, you can’t hide from my call. xoxo

  • I’m like D… a little bit of both in me. We Southern ladies like to be rescued, but when needed, we can turn into Steel Magnolias!

    Let us know what you find out about your thyroid – I think mine may be wacked out, too.

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