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I am a photo album junkie.  Not so much as collecting them, but LOVE to look through them.  If you invite me to your home and my eyes catch a photo album, all filters disappear and I’ll grab it as if I was asked to.  I love to see pictures of people with thier family and friends.  It’s usually in chronological order so you can see the changes of people and seasons.

Last year, I bought a handful of new albums so that I could rearrange my photos in albums that look a like.  Throwing out the floral peel-back kind from my highschool days, the winnie the pooh album from when Oldman was born and some old clunky one that only has 5 photos in it.  These new albums look like library books.  Very sophisticated!

As you may have noticed I said, I bought them last year.  They’re sitting so nicely on a shelf with the photos stacked up next to the albums….not in them.

Two reasons.  My time has gotten away from me and we’ve gone digital so it’s even more cumbersome to print those suckers off.  I always have such great intentions and organizations, but recently I “received” a malware virus and it attacked all my videos and photos for the last 4 years.  Some of the photos I’ve transferred to a CD, but the videos are shot.  My heart aches.  I want my boys to see them.  But also, I have memory issues which means if I don’t see it in a picture or video, I won’t remember it.  I’m planning on having a friend look at them to see if he can salvage them, but am kicking myself for not transferring them all sooner.

I’ll have some extra time soon and my first “job” will be to organize my photo albums.  I don’t know about you, but there is something wonderful and peaceful about sitting down with my kids looking over photo albums and laughing at pictures, remembering people and places, and realizing that goofy look that one of the kids had at 6 weeks still shows up on his face today!

I’m interested….do you guys print off your photos immediately?  Do you even use photo albums?

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  • Ah! You are a lady after my own heart. I love photo albums too & I love showing off my pictures. 😉

    With my daughter, I very lovingly put each photo in an album. Until she was about a year old. My son? Never. I have stacks of photos with well intentions of preserving them in an album. But, here it is, the digital age. To answer your question, no, I don’t print immediately and I haven’t bought a photo album in years. I would like to do something with all the loose photos tho.

  • UGH, I hit send too soon.

    I feel your pain on the lost videos. You may remember that last summer, I lost TONS of pictures when my hubby accidentally deleted the hard drive they were stored on. I pray that your friend is able to salvage if not all, at least the majority of them. Like you, I think if I don’t have a picture to remind me, it never happened because I sure won’t remember it!

  • OH no, I”m sorry to hear about your computer and photos.

    I was the biggest photo album junkie up until 6 years ago. I would take the pictures develope them the next day and put them right into albums.
    Then i went digital.. that was my mistake.. I don’t think I have put a single photo into an album since.. I do have them on CD’s and stored in online albums and there are a ton in my blog, but an album I can hold, flip though nope.. I want to one day get them printed off and in albums.. but 6 years worth is a little much since I take about 90% more pictures now then I did then. but one day I do hope to.

  • Hello! Just surfed over from jennyonthespot. :) I had to comment because well, I like to talk. About me. LOL Anyway, I print mine about every 6 months – when I see shutterfly has free shipping (I like them because they print the date I *took* the picture on the *back* of the picture).

    Sorry to hear about your computer and lost files. Now the real reason I had to reply. We use an online backup system, its $5 a month and it backups up my entire computer when I have scheduled it to (every day at 1am), its called It rocks. It saves lives. Oh, I meant pictures, it saves pictures. And sanity.

  • Yeah, ever since I went digital the pics just don’t get printed as often. Usually the only ones I print nowadays are vacation pics, because I like to make a scrapbook of the vacation. But the other everyday photos? On my computer. Just sitting there all vulnerable. Really oughta do something about that…..

    P.S. You can come to my house and look at my scrapbooks anytime! I love to show them off!

  • Oh no! I’m sorry about that, JenGi that’s terrible! I don’t print them off, I should, but I don’t. John just bought an external drive for me, I keep them over there for now, but even then, something could happen to it. I need to back up, print, but it’s too overwhelming.

    Hope you recover most of what you lost. xo

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