Hippy-hippy shake

The pain!

Oh, the pain!

With this Tweightloss challange, I have joined the YMCA.  Which has been super cool for family swim night with the boys.  It took me a good couple of weeks to ignore what I looked like in that bathing suit.  It’s for the boys, I thought.

Then over the weekend, Hulkman says, “You’ve got FAT thighs!” And slaps me on my hips.


“Hulkman, you MAY or MAY NOT be my twin brotha from a crazy motha, and you just may be the cutest Down Syndrome guy in America, AND you may scare me with the abilities of your filthy long tongue, but if you EVER smack my hip and say I’m fat, I will pull your lungs out through your nose and eat them for lunch. Capishe?”

Then this morning, I dropped the boys off at school and went straight to the Y.  I locked myself into one of the raquetball courts and slammed that ball around the room until my legs wouldn’t work anymore. I dove, I smashed, I twisted and sacrificed my body.  Who would’ve thought 15 minutes could bring such pain!

Two hours later, I sit here with my hips in burning anguish.  The kind of pain I haven’t felt since Gremlin crawled his way out of my body!

I will lose weight.  I will lose inches.  Hulkman will call me Skinny Jenny.

And if I need one more dose of encouragement? I’ve been suckered in to be one of the coaches for my sons soccer team.  Coach Aunt Bea did the suckering in.  So Coach JenGi is praying that Coach A.B. read the entire book of Soccer Coaching for Dummies!

It’s like volleyball with feet right?

heh-heh…just kidding.


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  • Oh! I can’t wait to hear all about the soccer season, Coach JenGi! That’s going to be a lot of fun. :)

    I’m impressed you lasted 15 minutes! I think I’d only last two. I’m terribly out of shape plus I have NO hand-eye coordination. Sucks to be me.

  • Growing up, I had embarrassed friends that had their mom as coaches…they now work in nursing homes as custodians.

    “Clean up on isle 3!”


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