Oh yeah…

Was up late last night trying to move a client to another server….all for nothing. Had some big hiccups in her shopping cart and, dang it!…no customer service at 11pm! Humph. So I’m on my 2nd cup of coffee (I know, I know. I quit that stuff. But I’m so tired ::whining::) and realized that I need to do a quick update.

So for those of you on the edge of your seat wondering the conclusion of Gremlin’s peep-show incident – J never spoke to the teacher. That morning Gremlin told Oldman he had a secret he wanted to tell him, took him in the bedroom and told him the story. I was listening in so I was floored when Oldman asked Gremlin if he got in trouble and Gremlin said, “Yeah, we both got time out and was told that was unacceptable behavior”. I quickly called J and told him that the teacher already knew. They weren’t the best at telling us things that happened in the classroom/playground. We won’t be going back there mainly because Oldman is too old now and I won’t put them in 2 separate locations during the summer. That boy had already quit summer school as well. Gremlin still prays for his ex-friend, “L, the jerk”.

Oldman is doing better in school. He told me this morning that he’s bored already, but that’s just because the first week is always spent talking about what’s expected from the teacher and get-to-know-you stuff. He said, “We’re all too scared to tell the teacher that we’ve been together since kindergarten…we know enough about each other!” Hee, hee. He still has problems on the recess because all the boys want to play soccer and he’s just not fond of that. I told him that he needs to come up with a different solution. So, he’s going to check to see if he can bring a football for 2-hand touch football, or a Frisbee for Frisbee golf.

Gremlin brought home a ‘nasty-gram’ from his teacher on the 2nd day! I guess I’m not surprised. He kept yelling through the bathroom door at kids, asking them if they needed help wiping. I just shook my head in awe. That boy is his father’s son.

And finally. I got a new ‘do. And it’s drastic!

Got all my hair cut off. Went to dark brown with red chunks in it! Just to give you an idea, when Oldman saw me he said, “I’m not really into the punk-rock look, but if you like it, that’s okay.” HA!

As soon as I get a chance, I’ll post a pic.

Happy Friday ya’ll!

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  • Shut up! I’ve got to see your hair! I’m stopping by your house! Tomorrow a.m. “ish” — I have a hair appt. at 9:30. Nothing drastic, I’ve got the wedding of the century in 5 weeks. I’ll call as I pull onto your street. Make sure you’re all done up so I get the full effect, k.

    A-man a smiley face the first two days and an oops face yesterday. Seems he was clowning around in the hallway with two other boys. He doesn’t always chose the best kids to hang out with. That’s gonna be a problem for him. He cried when I picked him up ’cause now he has the oops face he won’t get a trip to the treasure chest. He told me he was sorry to Mommy and Daddy, sorry to his teacher, and sorry to God. Instead of praying over the food at dinner, he prayed for forgiveness. You would think the kid committed a felony. Really, he was just tired. He slept 11 hours last night. Unheard of!

    Hey, at least Gremlin wasn’t askin’ them if they needed to put salve on their rears!

  • OOOO! I can NOT wait to see your hair! Loved Oldman’s response to it. :)

    I’m glad you don’t have to worry about that friend anymore. It warmed my heart to read that Gremlin talked to Oldman about it. I hope they always do that as they grow older. That’s a special bond.

    Those are good ideas for Oldman. I certainly hope he’s allowed to bring them.

  • I can’t wait to see it JenGi! You’re so dang cute there’s no way it won’t look fabulous.

    I was over earlier and got sidetracked with one of your links–Gremlin cracked me UPPPP with his bathroom antics. Jen, how lucky you are, he’s adorable!

    You know, when Alex didn’t want to play kickball with all the other kids, he and a few other guys just rounded up girls and played ‘chase’. Maybe Oldman would like that! You might not, lol, but he might. Have a great weekend…Jeff (Cat’s Jeff) is spending the weekend with us. He made a big vat of chicken and dumplings and will bring them to small group tonight. Now there’s a real man. I’ll talk to ya soon. xoxo Gidge

  • Can’t wait to see your hair!

    I don’t think Gremlin should have gotten in trouble for his bathroom behavior – I think he was only showing compassion to see if his friends needed any help. He probably just didn’t want them to have skid marks in their drawers. He should be given some sort of Caring Award. I mean really, he still prays for L, the Jerk. Bless his heart.

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