Clearing the mind…

I have got SO much work to do, but if I don’t get this written down and clear my head, my day will just suck.

~ I gave my resignation at work on Monday.  I hate doing that.  Whether it’s for the right reasons or not, I just hate it.  My bosses, C and P, are great guys, but this job is very overwhelming for 1 person and I don’t have the coding skills they need.  Yes, I have a CIS degree, but my experience is in Marketing/PR, event planning, etc.  I haven’t had a chance to train in where I’m lacking and I don’t see that changing.  The only change that was coming down the pike is sales.  And I don’t do sales.  I have a fairly good reputation for closing deals, but I suck at bringing them in.  Besides, I don’t want to do sales.  And that’s really want they need.  No hard feelings are there…I ended up giving them 2 full weeks then, 2 weeks at P/T if needed.  I don’t really have anything lined up.  I’ll just probably do some V.A. stuff for people in town until I can find something I want.  With both boys in school, I can dig into my job life a little more now.

~ The boys started school yesterday.  Gremlin tried to pull the “I’m shy” thing just as I was leaving, but other than that, he seemed to have loved it and was looking forward to today.  Oldman is trying really hard to shake off his 2nd grade fears and plow through to his 3rd grade year.  He had a great summer – a real confidence boost.  But as soon as he walked into the doors of school, I saw him shrink inside himself.  My heart just broke.  Half of me wanted to grab him and run to protect him.  The other half of me wanted to shake him and tell him, “You are better than this!  Don’t let the comments/actions of these elementary kids weigh on you!  You are so funny and a joy to be around….when you act yourself.” …sigh… First impressions of his teacher are good.  She’s very upbeat and encouraging.  His first day was good.  He’s thrilled that he has a ton of work to do and can’t wait to take the MAP test at the end of the year (weirdo!).

~ I’ve started swimming at the YMCA for this Tweightloss challange.  We’re in our 3rd week and I’ve only lost…well, let’s just say, it’s pretty dang pathetic!  I’m hoping the swimming will take me to the next level.  I’ve never been much of a swimmer (I’m no Dara Torres), but I’m starting to dig it!

Ok…I feel like I can get back to work now.  Looking forward to catching up on this blog thing after I’m done with this job.  In the meanwhile, I have 50 gazillion clients to move to a new server.  Wish me luck!

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  • Much, much, much, much luck and congratulations on doing a very brave thing. You’re taking care of yourself! Excellent role model for those little guys…

  • I’m glad the boys had good 1st days of school. That first day is always so hard on parents, the waiting…waiting…waiting…until you find out that they are ok & had a good day.

    I wish you much luck on the job hunt and the swimming. I hear swimming is an excellent form of exercise. It works all the muscle groups. So, you might be losing weight but not noticing it on the scales due to muscles.

  • What a season of change for all of ya’ll! I wish all of you the best of luck in every endeavor! I admire you for having the courage to resign from your job – many people slog on in bad positions just because they can’t put themselves out there. Good for you!

    And big hugs to both your boys – a new school year can be exciting and intimidating at the same time! I hope they both have GREAT years!

  • Awww JenGi I’m sorry you had a tough day BFF, I wish I were there to hug your neck. You do what’s right for you–something tells me you’ll be just fine. You’re incredibly talented and over the top funny, so there is a great plan for you I feel it!

    Please send a hug over to Oldman, I feel for him and I’m sending him ‘good days every single day’ vibes. You could always join the ranks of homeschooling mamas. And Gremlin, I don’t buy shy for a second, little adorable little fella! What a character, you have to crack up at him.

    I’m swimming today too-IF the dang Fall weather we’ve been having goes away. If not, I promised Audrey I’d take a 40 minute walk. That’s a lot of minutes hauling Louie in a wagon! Have a great day….love ya BFF. xoxo

  • That’s a lot of changes, but they sound like good ones. Good for you for taking your life into your own hands and making a difference .. for yourself. Good luck with the work stuff; I’m still strugglinga bit with that until the girlie is in school full time (she starts half days in 2 weeks and I’m happy/sad).

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