Dressing up Jessica

It’s a contest, ya’ll!

I know, I know….Contest’s are  always a love-hate relationship with me.  I love to enter.  I hate to lose.

But this one is different. As much as I’d LOVE to win (Flip Video Camera!!), I’m having more fun with the idea of dressing up the host.

Jessica (Chief Mom Office of Wishpot and Owner of Jessica Knows) along with 11 other moms have been chosen by Walmart to take part in their YouTube community video campaign launching in September.  They have given her a Flip Camera to record all her money-saving tips.

They also gave her one to giveaway!

Being the creative person that she is, her rules for winning the Video/Camera is to find our favorite Fall Fashion Trend and write a bit about it.  Not only will the winner get the prize, but Jessica will take the winning outfit and go to Walmart to try to recreate the outfit (makeup/hair/and all) for under $75.

I’d love to give her a tough challenge just for the fun of it…like this:

Doesn’t that just scream Chief Mom Officer….if you work for Lemony Snicket?!  But I’d be lyin’ and dyin’ about it being my favorite.

So here’s one that I really liked (and there were a lot I liked for this Fall!):

I’m a jacket junkie.  I have tubs and tubs of jackets.  It drives J nuts.  This jacket is a simple denim, but I think it’s super cute and smart mixed with the trousers.  It would also look great if the undershirt wasn’t tucked in and if they used a slim belt around the waist.  I personally don’t think I could pull off the hat, but I think Jessica would look hot in it!  (“Play to the features, Sista!”)  You’ll notice I don’t show the shoes – total leniency on that.  But she’s gotta match that bag.  I.want.one.

With that, I’m off to look at the other contestants of this knock-down-drag-out fun contest!

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