Branson Bling

A couple of weekends ago, Aunt Bea and I drove down to Branson for some Back to School shopping.  We thought, “Tax-free weekend isn’t crazy enough so let’s take it to Branson where all the Arkansas-ians drive up to take advantage of it too!”

It was nuts and it was hot!

In the middle of our day, Aunt Bea throws me for a loop.  I saw a side to her I did not know. The girl likes bling.  And I don’t mean just any kind of bling.  She goes big!

She takes me to this store call Dressin’ Gaudy.  I guess they have some of these stores in Texas too.  Makes sense.  I swear I had an acid trip just walking in the door! I’ve never seen so many swirls of color and sparkle in one room.  You couldn’t tell where one shirt ended and another started.

And the sparkle!  Good grief to granny…the sparkle!

Every single item of clothing, visor (yes, visor!), purse or boot had either sprakles or gems on it.  A lot of the  jewelry was huge and…well, gaudy!

They actually had some cute jackets, but the headache I got from the shine prevented me from perusing any further.  I guess it didn’t bother all the rich, old ladies, cause they were packed in spending the dough.  I think I counted 7 ladies with leopard skin fanny packs.  Now that’s some gaudy fannies!

In all fairness to the shop.  The prices were incredibly low, and like I said, most of the jackets were really cute.  I ended up buying something super cute for my mum for her birthday in October.  Since she’s as far away from the gaudy scale as can be….this should be interesting.

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