Past due apology

Dear Chris Edwards,

Hi.  You might not remember me, but I bet your “fellas” do!

I feel I need to apologize and explain my horribly rude behavior to you every time you came to flirt with me.  See I was 11 years old and I thought you were the cutest boy in school, so obviously that meant kicking you in the nardies every time you came around.

See, I had just learned that boys can get hurt if “racked” real good.  At age 11, it was an amazing concept that I could crush a guy with a mere toe tap.  Why I chose to try it out again and again on you I really don’t know…some strange hormonal thing, I’m sure.  Plus you were so kind and would just smile, walk away until your color came back and tried talking to me a different way. I SO hope you didn’t have weird relationships later because of my strange hormonal period of life.

Now that I have an 8-year-old I’m scared to death that he might succumb to the same treatment I gave you. I’m hoping that in some way the elementary god’s will find my apology as a sacrifice to spare my son.

I hope you are living a grand life with a beautiful and healthy wife who shares many, many wonderful children with you.


The girl with pointy-patented shoes

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  • I remember when I learned about being able to kick em where it hurts. I’m sure my male cousins also remember that time.
    Sorry, Guys! At least we know I didn’t do any permanent damage since you have all been able to procreate.

  • Can you imagine my daughter’s delight when she found out what her knee could do to her little brother? I had to explain to her that I wanted grandchildren from BOTH my children. 😉

    I do so hope your apology works in your sons’ behalves!

  • What’s wrong with me? I didn’t learn that until college. Can you tell I had no brothers? AND…I’m waiting for Davey Parker to apologize now for chasing me all over second grade recess trying to make me kiss him. I SO had better things to do.

  • ROFLOL (did I do that right) You are tooo dang cute, JenGi. Oh my goodness isn’t it fun how we as mothers of boys see the other side now? Good one.

    PS–got your BFF call, shoooot I hate I missed that. But it was worth it playing it back for John, he laughed. Call you next week. xoxoxo ~Gidget

  • That was just too funny! Thanks for putting the apology out there for all to see. I think we all probably ought to do one. Well maybe not. :)

    Thanks for the laugh.

  • Okay, this is freaking me out- here I am looking at my adoptic widget on my sidebar, and I see this post. My HUSBAND’s name is Chris Edwards!!! But unless you lived in Lansing, Michigan when you were 11, I’m sure it’s a different Chris. But STILL, what a freaky coincidence!

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