All the cool kids eat PB, so there!

As a kid, my weakness was a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with chips inside the sandwich. I could eat them till I was ill. Which was a good thing to crave when your family was as poor as a church mouse.

[Which, on a side note: whoever came up with the saying ‘poor as a church mouse’ obviously didn’t go to my childhood church. With all our potlucks, that mouse looked more like Jabba the Hut!]


I remember my dad would come up from work every day for lunch. Mum would fix him a meat and cheese sandwich (with Fritos…a must!), then he’d always make himself a PBJ as a chaser. Even today, when I make the boys a PBJ, I think of my Dad.

Now that I’m a mature adult (…ahem…shaddup), I’ve gone gourmet in my cravings.

Varied flavors of Peanut Butter.

Doesn’t that just sound grown up?

A few months back, I was feeding my Twitter habit when I saw that a company called PBLoco was giving away a jar of their PB to anyone who hadn’t tried it. I obviously perked up but thought, “Peanut butter is peanut butter…how different can it be?” I was told to go check out their website and pick a flavor. Ooooo, options!

Ya’ll know I LOVE my spice and foreign food, so I set my sights to the Asian Curry Spice. Move over Ms. Rachel Ray cause all I got to say is:


Ya’ll…really. It sounds so strange, but the heavenly people at PBLoco told me that the Asian Curry is “the flavor that most people go crazy for when they try, its getting them to try it that’s the trick!” If you’re a weinnie then they have other flavors that are just as good, but safer.

But do you have any idea just how wonderful that Asian Curry PB is on your Low Mein dishes?! My boys absolutely LOVE Ramen Noodles, but now they won’t touch it unless I’ve added the “loco PB” to it. I’ve used it as a dip (along side hummus), and I’ve eaten it plain in a tortilla.

I have some leftover steak from dinner last night…guess what I’m dipping it in for lunch today?

See? I’m a mature PB addicted.

I feel so sophisticated.

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